Maxim Integrated’s IO-Link Communications Technology Reduces Factory Downtime

Modern smart factories need to quickly and remotely adjust a sensor’s electrical characteristics to minimize downtime and maximize throughput. The MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. demonstrates the flexibility of the MAX22515 IO-Link transceiver, seamlessly configuring all modes of the MAX22000 software-configurable analog IO. This chipset provides flexibility with faster reconfiguration to reduce factory downtime.

Maxim Integrated’s chipset solution of MAX22000 and MAX22515 builds upon the benefits of IO-Link’s two-way universal interface. The IO-Link interface allows every IO-Link sensor, actuator, or IO expansion module to be interchangeable to a standard hardware interface. It also provides software-defined performance parameters and selectable analog input or output performance modes. These software-selectable capabilities are combined and demonstrated in the MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design.

IO-Link & software-configurable IO products

  • MAX22000: The software-configurable analog IO provides up to more than half the power savings and approximately half the size compared with the closest competitive solutions on the market. Key functions integrated include a 24-bit ADC analog input mode and an 18-bit DAC analog output mode, as well as operations over either a single two-wire interface or a four-wire resistance temperature detector (RTD)/thermocouple temperature measurement.
  • MAX22515: The MAX22515 is the industry’s smallest ±1.2-kV/500-Ω surge-protected, single-channel IO-Link transceiver. It features high integration with protection diodes, auxiliary digital input, I²C or pin control, integrated oscillator, and selectable 3.3-V or 5-V LDO, which help to provide high configurability and reduce SKU. It enables half the power dissipation due to low 2.2-Ω or 2.65-Ω (typ) C/Q driver on-resistance compared with the closest competitor, in the smallest 2.5 × 2.0-mm WLP package. It cuts the solution size up to 67% compared with the closest competitor and fits into small, space-constrained IO-Link sensors or actuators.

Key advantages

  • Flexibility: Software-configurable IOs and the ability to adjust device parameters on the fly provide new ways to dynamically optimize machine performance and reduce factory downtime.
  • High efficiency: MAX22000 and MAX22515 are optimized for best-in-class power savings, using up to more than half the power savings for MAX22000 and half the power dissipation for MAX22515.
  • Small size: The MAX22515 provides the smallest IO-Link single-channel footprint at 5 mm², while the MAX22000 footprint is 86 mm².

Availability and pricing
The MAX22000 is available at Maxim Integrated’s website, as well as authorized distributors; pricing available upon request. The MAX22515AWP+ and MAX22515AWP+T are available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $1.45 (1,000-up, FOB USA); also available from authorized distributors. The MAXREFDES177# reference design is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $65. The MAX22000EVKIT# evaluation kit is available at Maxim Integrated’s website for $135.

Further information
For details about Maxim Integrated’s configurable IO-Link solutions, including a video, visit For details about MAX22000, visit For details about MAX22515, visit For details about the MAXREFDES177# reference design, visit

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