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Welcome All, Businesses & Non-Profits (all Types & Sizes), Investors, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Friends & Family to our Crowd Funding/Investor Site:

“Our Website Works Differently. With a Team of Very ACTIVE Funding Account Managers + our Business Development Funding Support, our Clients are meeting the right Investor Faster!” 

We’ve dedicated this Area of the Website to typically, the Most Difficult Part of Doing Business & that is “Finding & Securing Funding”. We are EXPERTS at finding funding for Opportunities from $50,000 (Micro & Bank Loans) to $3.5BN (Mega/Giga Sustainable Projects).


For a Small Monthly Fee of $39, you will have a Team of “Funding Account Managers” having your Proposals Reviewed by Investors. Our Method is faster than the traditional Method by using Artificial Technology & Digital Marketing. At any time, you could have your Proposal Reviewed and you receive 1.) Real Feedback, 2.) Questions, and then hopefully, 3.) Funding. Our Investors are Global and always looking for the right idea/deal.


We’ve made it easy.

Once the Investor is Found, and you are happy with your Match,
Our Support Continues:

  • We Continue thru Legal & possible Patent Filing(s) using our own extremely good Attorneys that don’t over-bill
  • We walk you thru the funding with our Accountants, CPAs & Tax Attorneys (if needed)
  • Once Funding is finally Approved, then ® is paid their 10% Commission/Finder’s Fee (much Lower than Industry Standard), but we still “Win” & make a good Profit using Technology, a great Team of Funding Account Managers & Knowledge of the Lending Business.
  • We continue with the New Business & Immediately enrol them in the Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart Program, get you a Mentor or two, watch & enroll into our Sales & marketing Program with our CEO. It is part of our Launch Program.
  • Step 5 – it’s that Simple. We are your Mentor and will always be here for you until you out-grow us and it seems to move fast around here.
We look forward to doing business with you. Register Now!

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World’s first jet engine

by admin

, Pakistan

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